We provide real estate valuation service for lands, villas, apartments, towers, and residential complexes to buy and sell, dividing estates, financing, mortgage, merger, and liquidation through trained and qualified evaluators to study and analyze all local and global market variables and are approved by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Residents to ensure accurate and impartial evaluation reports are issued.

Here at Qiam, we provide commercial evaluation services with accuracy and transparency that can be relied on for all real estate investment sectors through qualified residents and based on a huge database and the latest digital technology arts to access exceptional evaluation reports in all investment sectors

Which includes:

  • commercial sectors
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Entertainment venues
  • Industry and logistical support
  • data centers
  • agricultural investment

We offer our business evaluation services to various clients delusion

  • Banks
  • funding companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Law Firms
  • Chartered Accountants

At Qiam, we offer experience and reliability in evaluating agricultural land, machinery, equipment, and production lines for various industries and businesses in all regions of the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East.

within providing our services, we rely on professional appraisers to issue highly integrity estimated results based on studying all the physical, technological, functional, and economic factors related to the market situation, in addition to employing computer skills to analyze the company's fixed asset records.

In Qiam, we are keen to issue our approved reports with complete confidentiality and in accordance with the requirements of the International Assessment Standards (IVS).

At Qiam we provide strategic, financial, and industry specific expertise in developing business plans with focus on business and project feasibility studies, study of industry and economic conditions, analysis of internal capabilities, SWOT analysis, etc.

The investment feasibility services, and business plans delivered by QIAM FOCUS on the present and potential risk factors and enable an informed decision making on the viability of underlying opportunities.

Clients considering a new investment, venture, or expansion will have access to Qiam’s most reliable project feasibility advisory

Here at Qiam, we offer an assessment service for the systems in buildings and the tools used to inspect prefabricated buildings and ensure their conformity For standards, international standards, safety standards and technical damage assessment.

At QIAM we provide valuation services for fixed assets to help chartered accountants and financial auditors to determine fair value of different assets shown in financial statements.

Using different methods and techniques that are consistent with international financial reporting standards (IFRS).

Here at Qiam, we provide a service of information and statistics reports on real estate and the real estate market through a huge database for more than 8 years.

At Qiam we are  real estate evaluating under-construction, self-construction, and off-plan, with cost estimation, and follow-up of achievement for related parties through the application of accurate evaluation mechanisms based on the three basic evaluation techniques (cost, estimated income, and market price)

Over the years of experience, we have provided hundreds of reports to evaluate projects under construction using unique and advanced mechanisms to reach logical results subject to evaluation mechanisms that are compatible with International Evaluation Standards (IVS).

Here at Qiam, we offer a valuation service for auxiliary assets, such as furniture and furnishings

Tenants’ fixtures, fittings, and vehicles and tools that are used to help operating the facility or entity.

Here at Qiam, we offer a service of inventorying and locating real estate, making cadastral and cadastral representations, demarcation and demarcation of Idle lands, inventory and collection of deeds, extraction and updating of deeds from the notary public.

Where we are located​

We happily provide valuation and advisory services through our offices in Riyadh, Jeddah, Cairo, and Amman

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location.c3c4e9e4.svg  Saudi Arabia – Riyadh “Headquarters”

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh, Othman Bin Affan Road

mobile.6de3f16e.svgThe unified number: 920025832